The Literary Stage 2019






Marjory Kaptanoglu*


Div. 325-03 Persuasive Essay, Senior Exhibitor 

1st Place: Orwell Hates Our Adverbs, Mark Dooley*

2nd  Place: Word for Word, Evie Groch

3rd Place: Intellectual Piracy Is Good, Stanley Gedzelman*


Div. 325-06 Literary Essay, Senior Exhibitor 

1st Place: Letter to Someone Who is Dying, Jane Goold-Caulfield

2nd Place: Quince! Wait: Quince?, Carolyn Curtis*



Letter to Someone Who is Dying, Jane Goold-Caulfield


Div. 326-01 Personal Memoir, Young Adult Exhibitor

HM: My Life with Anime, Kassandra Cooney


Div. 326-02 Personal Memoir, Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Of Idols and Indophiles, Vibha Akkaraju*


Div. 326-03 Personal Memoir, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Trading Sandwiches, Jo Carpignano*

2nd Place: Curtis and Me, Matthew Reising

3rd Place: Aphrodite, Mary Ruth Coffey


Div. 326-05 Lifestyle Memoir, Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Crossroads, Meera Prahlad*


Div. 326-06 Lifestyle Memoir, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Women in Russia: It’s Complicated, Michelle Carter

2nd Place: The Circling Vulture, Louise Moises

3rd Place: What Class Are We?, Joyce Cortez

HM: Amazing Grace, Louise Moises

HM: Growing Up in the Bronx, Rose Schlecker



Crossroads, Meera Prahlad*


Div. 327-01 Best Blog

1st Place: Lessons in Shopping, Korie Pelka*

2nd Place: Hitting a Grand Slam with my Dad, Korie Pelka*

3rd Place: Vacation in… Oxnard?, Eva Barrows*

HM: Crabbing at Pacifica Pier, Eva Barrows*


Div. 328-02 Recorded Podcast and Audiobook Contest, Online Digital Media: Audiobook

1st Place: The Sinister Sugar Rush!, David Strom*

HM: Hollywood Dreams, Richard McCallum*


Div. 329-01 Recorded Lyric Songwriting Contest: Americana/Folk/Country

HM: American Dream, Roger Jones


Div. 329-02 Recorded Lyric Songwriting Contest: Rock/Pop

1st Place: Don’t Kiss Me, Jeff Falk


Div. 329-03 Recorded Lyric Songwriting Contest: Singer Songwriter/Indie

3rd Place: Just a Moment, Roger Jones


Div. 330 In the Spirit of Novelmania: My Ticket to Crazy Town First Person Narrative

1st Place: Petra Rose Mallory: Chapter One, Korie Pelka*

2nd Place: Alterations, Louise Moises

3rd Place: Last Girl Standing, Marjory Kaptanoglu*


Div. 331 Publisher’s Choice Novel Chapter Contest

1st Place: Under L, Megan McDonald*

2nd Place: The Kingdom of America, Roger Jones

3rd Place: Incendiary, Megan McDonald*

HM: African Story, James Alex Veech*

HM: Devil’s Circus, Richard McCallum*


Div. 332 “Heroes Arise” Heroic Deed Contest

HM: Videonauts, Richard McCallum*


Div. 333-01 Short Story, General Fiction Young Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: The Old Woodworker, Vanessa Haupert


Div. 333-02 Short Story, General Fiction, Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Your Word is River, Joann McEntire

2nd Place: Roan and Rachel, Dave LaRoche*


Div. 333-03 Short Story, General Fiction, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Run, My Dear, Marjory Kaptanoglu*

2nd Place: First Dance – First Promise, Sandra Barocio

3rd Place: Welcome to Hell, Penelope Anne Cole*

HM: The Black One, Carolyn Donnell


Div. 333-05 Short Story, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Playland on the Moon, Tomoko Imai


Div. 333-06 Short Story, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Thomas Edison’s Last Invention, Richard McCallum*

2nd Place: The Little People, Penelope Anne Cole*

3rd Place: Party of One, Doug Baird*

HM: The Ring of Answers, Korie Pelka*


Div. 333-09 Short Story, Mystery/Thriller, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Mysterious Lover, Lisa Johnson*

2nd Place: Dead in the Room, Marjory Kaptanoglu*

3rd Place: What is Coming, Evie Groch


Div. 333-12 Short Story, Western, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Tom and Huck: The War Years, Richard McCallum*

2nd Place: Western Dreams, Lisa Johnson*

3rd Place: The Wild Ride, Penelope Anne Cole*


Div. 333-15 Short Story, Humorous, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: The Goddess Reconsiders, Jo Carpignano*

2nd Place: Saran Rap, Denise Kiser

3rd Place: John Eyre, Marjory Kaptanoglu*



Your Word is River, Joann McEntire


Div. 334 California Writers Club Writer of the Year Short Story Contest

1st Place: Killing Wyatt Edwards, Karen Sundback*


Div. 335-01 Poetry, Free Form Poem, Young Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Moth Mourning, Angela Yang

2nd Place: Dear Mom: A Note, Alyce Thornhill


Div. 335-02 Poetry, Free Form Poem, Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Growing, Nicole Justine Reid

2nd Place: Homecoming, Marley Teter

3rd Place: Before the Fall, Megan McDonald*


Div. 335-03 Poetry, Free Form Poem, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Summer Twilight, Johanna Ely

2nd Place: Silvery Spider, Louise Moises

3rd Place: July, Johanna Ely

HM: New York Times Review of Books, James Alex Veech*

HM: Poetry Is, Sam Kauffman*


Div. 335-04 Poetry, Structured Poem, Young Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Mourning Dew, Heather Theroff

2nd Place: Insomnia, Heather Theroff


Div. 335-05 Poetry, Structured Poem, Adult Exhibitor

1st Place: Essays, T.R. Poulson

2nd Place: Habitation, Megan McDonald*

3rd Place: A Haunted Sonnet, Megan McDonald*

HM: Facing Cancer Haiku, Bhawna Panwar


Div. 335-06 Poetry, Structured Poem, Senior Exhibitor

1st Place: Haiku Sequence, Ellaraine Lockie 

2nd Place: How She Arrived, Audrey Kalman*

3rd Place: Remembering Grace, Martha Clark Scala*

HM: An Immigrant’s Dilemma, Ida Lewenstein*

HM: Leaving for Work, William Baldwin



Moth Mourning, Angela Yang


Div. 336 Prompted Story Contest

1st Place: Gripped, Lisa Johnson* 

HM: A Gathering of Spirits, Evie Groch

HM: The Farm, Richard McCallum*


Div. 337 The Immigrant Experience: Short Story, Essay, Or Monologue Contest

3rd Place: It Is Up to You, Tomohiko Kino


Div. 338 Stories for Children Contest

1st Place: Knight School, Rebecca Isaacson

2nd Place: Dreadmarrow Thief, Marjory Kaptanoglu*

3rd Place: Do You Dream of Trains?, Loretta Luna

HM: Cat in Glasses, Megan McDonald*


*: SF Peninsula CWC Member