Renew Your Membership


How to renew your membership

If you are an existing member in the CWC, it’s time to renew. The renewal period runs from July 01 to September 30. The renewal cost is only $45.00 for another year of great support to help you achieve your writing goals!


How to pay

You can pay by PayPal (see hyperlinks below), bringing a check to a meeting, or sending a check made out to “CWC SF Peninsula” addressed to CWC SF Peninsula, P.O. Box 853, Belmont, CA 94002.


What to pay

Regular members pay $45.00 to renew membership.

Dual members (i.e., members of another CWC branch) pay $25.00 to renew membership.

Don’t delay! If you try to renew after September 30, the cost jumps to $65.00.


Plus …

Pay per-meeting fees in advance!

You can pay all of your $10 per-meeting fees in advance and get two free meetings. Yes, that’s 10 meetings for the cost of only 8. Pay $80.00 once to cover all the meetings for the year.


Have a question?

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