Local Bookstores

Support Independent Bookstores!
As writers (and readers), we know how valuable our local independent bookstores are for helping us find a new favorite author, an obscure old story, or a friendly place for a relaxing browse among the stacks. With the shelter-in-place orders hitting bottom lines hard, these small businesses are especially vulnerable to the disappearance of foot-traffic.
We know that when we’re ordering so much online, it’s easy to just add that book you want on to the order you’re placing with that big jungle on the net (and as authors we know how vital they are to getting our books in front of a lot of readers!) but maybe take a bit of time – even call and speak with a real person – to contact your local independent bookstore and help keep your community thriving.
Here are some suggestions for local independent bookstores:
Barnes & Noble (which is not independent, but have definitely been supportive of us, especially at the Hillsdale Mall location.)
Indiebound.org – can order online from independent bookstores
Bookshop.org – can order online from independent bookstores