By Sam Kauffman


Poetry wears the words of smiles or tears

And speaks of stumbling through graveyards

And up the aisles to ancient altars

Falling off of sidewalks and through the cracks of life

Then rising up to stargaze from thin lines;

Tripping over can’ts and could have;

Butting heads with treasured idols

Tracking sticky mud across the new waxed

Marble floor of the soul –

Graffiti on the walls of the heart

Or kisses on fresh jagged wounds –

Carrying baggage filled with

Stones from calendar pages

Chanting loudly of sunrise and sunset

Blending crystal snow with newborn leaves;

Escaping clutches of midnight marauders

Embracing the fairness of rose and mauve

Ignorance ignored screaming

Scrapping tender knees and elbows on pebbled concrete

Painting chaos – weaving breaths – unclogging drains – 

Knitting together quietness in blooms of Claire de lune.


All rights reserved. Please ask permission of the author to reproduce or use this work in any form.