An Immigrant’s Dilemma


By Ida J. Lewenstein


“Much” is a word

I’ve often heard

But don’t know much about.

And then there’s “many”

A word I hear plenty

But still have many a doubt.

I’ve given some thought

To the words “a lot”

A lot of times I’ve misused.

And “tree” and “three”

Sound SO much alike to me –

No wonder I’m confused.

Now “didja” is a word

That’s really absurd –

In fact, it makes me wary.

I look and look,

But it’s not in my book

Nor in any dictionary.

What does it take

(For heaven’s sake)

To master English lessons?

Even a fool

can learn a rule

But what about those exceptions?

When I was young

My mother tongue

Was easy to speak and spell.

I wait for the day

When someone will say,

“You speak English good”

(or is it “well”?)


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