Fault Zone

Fault Zone: Strike Slip Available on Amazon

An anthology of short stories and poems by the members of the San Francisco Peninsula Branch of the California Writers Club. Stories and poems by Kate Adams, Doug Baird, Sue Barizon, Maria Elena Bernal de Barre, Bill Baynes, Jo Carpignano, Thomas Crockett, Carolyn L. Curtis, Darlene Frank, D. E. Hardy, Mary Heneghan, John Hotson, Lisa Johnson, Annette Kauffman, Louis LeMesurier, Richard E. McCallum, Elise Frances Miller, Lucy Ann Murray, Carol Park, Korie Pelka, Miera Rao, Cheryl Ray, Martha Clark Scala, Ellen Snee, Karen Sundback, James Alex Veech, Vincent Ware, Nanci Woody, Dick Yaeger, and Mindy Yang. Available on Amazon.
Fault Zone: Strike Slip Launch Party & Reading
We launched Fault Zone: Strike Slip, the eighth anthology in our Fault Zone series, at our holiday party on December 15th. What a blast! We sold 100 copies during the festivities. Thanks to all who contributed to the creation of this amazing collection of stories and poems. Trade paper copies are available on Amazon.


— Submission Period Closed —

—- Book publication December 2019 —



Upcoming Anthology of the California Writers Club
San Francisco Peninsula Branch

A collection of short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poems


faultzone strike slip

As always, we will look for strong stories with an arc and character change between beginning and end. Our standards are high. Almost all submissions require additional work.

The anthology will be promoted at the San Mateo County Fair, other local venues, and on the CWC San Francisco Peninsula Branch website.




Guidelines for MEMBERSof CWC San Francisco Peninsula Branch

Anthology Title — Fault Zone: Strike Slip.

Where to Submit Entries:

  • Submit all entries through Submittable (active September 1).
  • Please send with NO author name on the manuscript, not even in a header or footer. Your name will be registered by Submittable.
  • Please DO NOT combine multiple entries into a single submission.Submit each piece of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry separately.

Submission Categories and Length:

  • Fiction: Up to 3,000 words per entry. No more than two fiction entries per member.
  • Creative Nonfiction (Nonfiction written in story format): Up to 3,000 words per entry. No more than two narrative nonfiction entries per member.
  • Poetry: Up to four poems and a total of 100 lines

How many pieces may each member submit?

  • Each member may submit up to four entries total.
  • No more than two entries total per member will be published in any one FZ issue.

Entry Fee:None. However, make sure you’ve paid your annual 2018-2019 CWC San Francisco Peninsula Branch dues.

Manuscript Format:

  • Word (doc, docx file). If you use Word 2016, please send file in rich text format (rtf). No PDF files!
  • 12 point type (Times Roman/Times New Roman)
  • Double spaced
  • 1” Margins
  • Indent first line in each paragraph.
  • One letter space between sentences in each paragraph
  • Pages numbered
  • List title of piece and category on first page.
  • No author name on the manuscript, not even in a header or footer. Your name will be registered by Submittable.

Submission-to-Promotion Schedule:

  • Program at August 2018 meeting to present tips for making your piece the best it can be.
  • Submit pieces 9/1/18through 12/31/18.
  • Acceptances (“as is” or “provisional”) by email in February 2019 (Note: Most manuscripts usually need at least one revision.)
  • Rejections sent by email in March 2019.
  • Initial rewrites for provisional manuscripts due back no later than 4/30/19.
  • Any additional revisions requested after the initial rewrite must be returned to the requesting editor no later than 7/30/19.
  • Editor sends final manuscripts to Sand Hill Review Press by early September 2019.
  • Fault Zone will launch at the 2019 holiday party.
  • Active promotion of Fault Zone between December 2019 and September 2020.

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