CWC SF Peninsula Board Members


Election Results Are In!

At the May meeting we voted for our new executive board for the 2019-2020 term:

‎Our 2019-2020 executive board


CWC Peninsula Board 2018


CWC SF Peninsula
PO BOX 853
Belmont, CA 94002-0853

Board members can also be reached through the emails listed below.

Audrey Kalman

Vice President / Speakers
Geri Spieler

Korie Pelka

Jean Morrow

Central Board Representative
Geri Spieler

Norcal Board Representative
Carole Bumpus

Membership Chair
Tim Flood

Publicity Chair
Melaine Shook

Newsletter Editor
Melanie Shook

Fault Zone Editor
Laurel Anne Hill

Immediate Past President
Lisa Meltzer Penn

Writers Helping Writers Coordinator
Carole Bumpus

Web Manager
Mindy Yang

Membership Co-Chair
Margaret Nalbach

Membership Co-Chair
Mark Dooley

Hospitality Co-Chair
Megan McDonald

Hospitality Co-Chair
Carol Park

Alisha Willis

Acting SMCF Literary Stage Coordinator
Sue Barizon

Think Tank Chair
Geri Spieler

Open Mic
Korie Pelka