Upcoming Events


Scheduled Speakers at Monthly Meetings

11/17/18 Michael Grumley — Self-Publishing and the Future of Writing

12/2/18 Holiday Party in lieu of meeting

1/19/19 TBD 

2/16/19 TBD 


Think Tank Sessions Following Meetings

*Note: Carole & Alisha committed at the retreat to coordinating this with Writers Helping Writers series

11/17/18 Mary O! An Appreciation of Mary Oliver- Bill Baynes

1/19/19 Mary Knipple- 3 keys to crafting compelling blog content

2/16/19 Melanie Shook


Writers Helping Writers: 3rd Wednesday of the month @ San Carlos Library

11/21/18 Elise Miller – Geneology: Writing Family History

12/19/18 Bill Baynes – Let Technique Torque Your Poetry

1/16/19 Laurel Anne Hill


3/20/19 Audrey and Lisa


Open Mic: 1st Wednesday of every month @ San Carlos Library

11/7/18 Hosted by Jeannine Gerkman 7-8:30 p.m.

12/5/18 Hosted by Jeannine Gerkman 7-8:30 p.m.


San Mateo Main Library

11/10/18 Fault Zone readings


Author Day at Barnes & Noble

12/8/18 Bill coordinating


Day-long Writers Workshop

2/23/19 Audrey and Korie conducting survey to plan content

or 3/2/19