San Carlos Library Workshops

California Writers Club, San Francisco Peninsula Branch, has been asked to form a monthly writers group at the San Carlos Library, 610 Elm Street.

Our members will take turns teaching other writers some of the necessary skills of the craft.

It will be held on the 3rd Wednesday night of the month, from 7-9 p.m.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In this workshop, Pratibha Kelapure, a former teacher, will teach participants to start writing poetry. You will participate in small writing exercises that are designed to ignite the creative spark within you. No prior writing experience necessary.

Bring a pen/pencil and a journal for writing!


Here are our past program:

January:  Breathing Life Into Your Writing: Story-Writing Basics by Laurel-Anne Hill.

February: Yes! Poetry! by Pratibha Kelapure

March: Red Pen Secrets: Editing Your Own Writing by Lisa Meltzer Penn and Audrey Kalman

April: The Pen’s in Your Hand – Unleash Your Story Worth Writing by Mary Knippel 

May and June: The Art of the Critique by Carole Bumpus