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Fault Zone: Transform Fault Zone: Transform, the sixth in the anthology series edited by the SF/Peninsula Branch of California Writers, was published by Sand Hill Review Press in December, 2015.

Contributors include: Kevin Arnold, Sue Barizon, Bill Baynes, Jo Carpignano, Belinda Chua, Ann Foster, Darlene Frank, Jeannine Gerkman, Laurel Anne Hill, Diane Jacobson, Michelle Jessen, Marjorie Bicknell Johnson, Beverly Kalinin, Sam Kauffman, Maurine Killough, Ida J. Lewenstein, Diane Lee Moomey, Lisa Meltzer Penn, TR Poulson, Don Redman, Frank A. Saunders, Martha Clark Scala, Jim Stanfield, Dave M. Strom, Ollie May Trost Welch, and Nanci Lee Woody.

Copies available on Amazon:

Fault Zone Transform


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