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Ransom Stephens Presents: GET INSIDE YOUR READER’S BRAIN – 
The Neuroscience of How to Make Readers Laugh and Cry

Saturday, April 15, 2017, 10 a.m.

 The Sequoia Yacht Club
441 Seaport Ct, Redwood City, CA 94063

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Neuroscience is like looking under the hood to see how things work. When you know how readers process your writing, you can figure out what grabs them, what bores them, and why. In this presentation, science writer and novelist Ransom Stephens investigates how to write in ways that administer dopamine when you want readers happy and withholds it when you want readers sad. We’ll explore the roots of what people like and why bestsellers aren’t always critical favorites. Art is subjective, but our subjectivity has a lot in common. Come find out more about:

The truth about creativity in the left and right hemispheres of your brain · Putting your reader’s brain to work · The intimate relationship between creator and beholder · Mirroring and a reader’s brain on lit · Percolating plot points above and below conscious awareness · Applying the rules of neuroaesthetics to literature · Balancing what to write and what to let the reader figure out · Puzzles, mysteries, showing vs. telling, and the power of withheld information.

Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., is a scientist, science writer, and novelist. He’s written hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from neuroscience to quantum physics to parenting teenagers. In his first novel, The God Patent (Numina Press 2009, 47North 2013), a troubled father is caught in the science-religion culture war and in his second, The Sensory Deception (47North, 2013), scien­tists and venture capitalists use the relationship between the senses and the mind to give people the experiences of endangered animals. His first nonfiction book, The Left Brain Speaks but the Right Brain Laughs (Viva Editions, 2016), is an irreverent and accurate look at neurosci­ence for a lay audience with emphasis on creativity in art and science. Ransom has given thousands of speeches across the US, Europe, and Asia and has developed a reputation for making complex topics accessible and funny.

California Writers Club Sequoia Yacht Club, 441 Seaport Ct, Redwood City FREE* to first-time attendees! $10 Members; $15 Non-Members; $5 Students/ID.

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