2017 Literary Contest Winners


James Alex Veech


Div. 313 Carry the Light Book Cover Art Contest

1st Place: Girl with Firefly, Heather Theroff
2nd Place: Bird of Paradise, Donald Shernock


Div. 325-01 Persuasive Essay

HM: Craven Media, Detached Public: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us,
Mimi Vaillancourt


Div. 325-02 Literary Essay

1st Place: The People Next Door Step Up, Michelle Carter
2nd Place: Selenium’s Sacrifice, Robert Dubrow
3rd Place: Moscow’s Only Smoke Detector, Michelle Carter
HM: It’s Old Women Who Run Russia, Michelle Carter



The People Next Door Step Up
Michelle Carter


Div. 326-01 Personal Memoir

1st Place: The View from Erroll’s House, Mary Beth O’Conner
2nd Place: A Distant Memory, Sheena Arora
3rd Place: Kindergarten Slammer, Linda Fredericks
HM: Out for a Spin, Marjorie Johnson
HM: Between Takes, Sue Barizon< HM: Sold! On a Small Town Saturday, Ellaraine Lockie


Div. 326-02 Lifestyle Memoir

1st Place: Get in Their Heads, Robert Dubrow
2nd Place: The Whole Truth, Evie Groch
3rd Place: Matchbox Dreams, Karen Hartley



The View from Erroll’s House
Mary Beth O’Connor



Div. 327 Best Blog

1st Place: Journey of One Drop of Water, Cherilyn Jose
3rd Place: No More Political News, Sheena Arora
HM: Little Free Library, Eva Barrows


Div. 328-02 Audiobook Contest

1st Place: Super Holly Hansson in: The Intellecta-Rhapsody!, Dave M. Strom
3rd Place: Tell My Dad, Ram Muthiah


Div. 329-01 Digital Recorded Lyric Songwriting Contest: American/Folk/County

2nd Place: Back Where I Belong, Jim Duncan


Div. 329-03 Digital Recorded Lyric Songwriting Contest: Singer/Songwriter/Indie

HM: Lazarus, Sam Kauffman


Div. 330 Publisher’s Choice Novel Chapter Contest

1st Place: All Nuts Are Not Created Equal, Jean Morrow
HM: Facing the Music, Shannon Brown
HM: The Short Arm of Chromosome 4, Carol Efron


Div. 331 Genre Novelist First Chapter Contest

1st Place: Voices in the Night, David Wolf
2nd Place: Monsoon Nights, Seana Graham
3rd Place: The Meeting, Jac A. Fitzenz
HM: Focus on Death, Donna Harper


Div. 332 Heroes Arise Heroic Deed Contest

1st Place: Justice Matters, Ron Vergona


Div. 333-01 Short Story, General Fiction

1st Place: Old River Road, Kimberly Schultz
2nd Place: Heirloom, Angela Yang
3rd Place: Crow Secrets, Megan Clancy


Div. 333-02 Short Story, General Fiction, Senior

1st Place: Scaffolding Over Invisible Odds, Luanne Oleas
2nd Place: The Boy Who Hung the Moon, Luanne Oleas
3rd Place: Empowered, Lisa Johnson
HM: Ticket to Freedom, Carolyn Donnell
HM: The Cold Breakfast, Linda Marie Pillay

HM: Flight, Thomas Kirkpatrick


Div. 333-04 Short Story, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Senior

1st Place: EVA, Doug Baird
2nd Place: It’s a Fake! Carolyn Donnell
3rd Place: Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert in: The Lutefisk Door! Dave M. Strom
HM: Biometrical Psychology 101, Evie Groch


Div. 333-05 Short Story, Mystery/Thriller

1st Place: The Last Chapter, Kimberly Schultz
2nd Place: The Darkness Within Humanity, Kassandra Cooney
3rd Place: A Late Night Visit, Megan Clancy


Div. 333-06 Short Story, Mystery/Thriller, Senior

1st Place: Night School, Penelope Anne Cole
2nd Place: Gaylyn, Evie Groch
HM: Stopped, Lisa Johnson


Div. 333-08 Western/Historical, Senior

HM: Margie Goes West, Lisa Johnson


Div. 333-09 Humorous

HM: The Birthday Committee, Eva Barrows


Div. 333-10 Short Story, Humorous, Senior

1st Place: The Yipka Follies, Thomas Kirkpatrick
2nd Place: Visiting Nirvana, Valerie Stoller
3rd Place: Billy’s Belly, James Alex Veech
HM: The Boarding Pass, Evie Groch



Scaffolding Over Invisible Odds
Luanne Oleas


Div. 334-01 Poetry, Free Form Poem, Exhibitor 54 Years Old or Younger

2nd Place: Candles, Taylor Martin
3rd Place: My Dear Hanuman, Sheena Arora
HM: Sun Snake, Taylor Martin


Div. 334-02 Poetry, Free Form Poem, Senior

1st Place: Almaz Ayana, in the Style of Billy Collins, James Alex Veech
2nd Place: The Smile, Jo Carpignano
3rd Place: Can We See the Light, Karen Franzenburg
HM: Once More Before I Go, James Alex Veech
HM: Recital: Three Dancing Fuchsias, Karen Hartley


Div. 334-03 Poetry, Structured Poem, Exhibitor 54 Years Old or Younger

1st Place: The Earth Reflects the Sky, Heather Theroff


Div. 334-04 Poetry, Structured Poem, Senior

1st Place: Coming Home in a Haibun, Ellaraine Lockie
2nd Place: Water, Kathy Boyd
3rd Place: Global Warming, Ida J. Lowenstein
HM: Limerick Challenge, Kathy Boyd
HM: Wisdom’s Cost, Stanley Gedzelman



Almaz Ayana, in the Style of Billy Collins
James Alex Veech



Div. 335 SF Peninsula Writers Club Writer of the Year Short Story

1st Place: The Marksmen, James Alex Veech


Div. 336 The Immigrant Experience

2nd Place: Giuseppe and the Earthquake, Jo Carpignano